2017 is here

2017 is here

Ready or not, 2017 is here. We hope that your holiday season was safe and enjoyable however you may have celebrated it. As we put the celebrations of the Season behind us, take down the decorations, swear off the sweets and adult beverages for a while, it becomes time to set our sights on the future. Goals and expectations for the new year can vary greatly, but for the most of us, the theme of “New Beginnings” is a common thread.

Team Paradise looks forward to new beginnings with our current clients and future clients in the way of increased and improved communication with you which has always been an important philosophy of ours. We also look forward to new beginnings in your yard with the maintenance we will provide to help your gardens thrive in the new year as well as the many other services that we provide to help you get the most value out of our service and your property.

If you are the type to make New Years Resolutions, I’m confident that we can help several of you with those as well! If you have resolved to save money, eat healthier, get more exercise, or be more environmentally responsible, we can help you achieve those goals. For those of you interested in trimming your budget we have several products and services that can help save dollars and the environment.

Water conservation will continue to be an important issue in California regardless of how much rain falls. Irrigation accounts for a huge percentage of our water use therefore; the installation of Smart Irrigation controllers, low volume irrigation nozzles, drought tolerant plantings and many other products can significantly lower your water bill, and be more environmentally friendly. Several of the products qualify for state rebates.

An LED lighting system can provide security and add visual appeal while saving you money on energy. If your goals are to eat healthier, consider having us install and help you grow your own vegetable garden which is yet another way to go green. As far as helping you get more exercise, unfortunately we don’t offer personal training, but we are equipped to provide you with a sport court, swimming pool or putting green, the rest is up to you.

Finally, although the weather looks nice and warm as I write this, winter storms could still lurk around the corner and we can help ensure that your drainage systems are functioning properly and repair or replace them if they’re not. Read on to find out what we have in store for you and your landscape and we wish you a very prosperous and happy new year!