Water Management

Focus on WATER: Earth’s most precious resource.

Landscape Water Management


We are committed to doing everything we can to manage and conserve our most precious resource and life sustaining commodity, water. It is our mission to educate and assist you, our clients, in the implementation of the most efficient water systems available in irrigation, water features, synthetic turf and drought tolerant plants that will allow you to maintain the beauty and value of your home or business landscapes while promoting interest in water ecology and conservation methods.


Irrigation and Water Management

We have designed, built and maintained irrigation systems since our inception in 1990 and have been proactively focusing on water management systems since 2007. With the introduction of ‘Smart’ irrigation systems years ago, we utilize controllers that interface with existing weather conditions. This allows us to personalize your system. Additionally, water saving nozzles use 1/3 the amount of water compared to traditional nozzles. These new nozzles assist in slowing the distribution of water into the soils and lessening over spray, mist and evaporation while in use. Drip irrigation is another under-utilized system that can be implemented above or at grade level. Drip systems have efficiently been saving water around the globe for 45 years. These systems typically use half or less of the water compared to an overhead irrigation system, making it a great choice for people who want maximum plant health, growth and water conservation while nurturing beautiful landscapes. With the latest technology available to us and our expertise in water auditing and management, we can make repairs, retrofit existing systems, or install completely new systems to ensure the conservation of our natural water supply.

  • Smart Controllers
  • Drip Irrigation
  • NPR Rotors (slow releasing)
  • Rainwater Harvesting


Ponds and Water Features

Enjoy the peaceful serenity and soothing sounds of a beautiful water element in your yard. Let Paradise Designs incorporate a peaceful pond into your yard with its appealing fish and water plants or any one of a variety of distinct water features. We have created hundreds of intriguing water features that include pond less waterfalls, meandering creeks, bubbling urns, ponds with waterfalls, and fountains of every shape and size. All of these elements are achieved using re-circulating water systems that let you enjoy the visual beauty and soothing features of these focal elements without the overuse of water.


Synthetic Turf and Putting Greens

Synthetic turf has been around a long time, but it never really looked like grass or satisfied those expectations. With the evolution of new products that have the genuine look of a real lawn and turf, the benefits are not only monetary but environmental as well.

The need for water to irrigate and the labor and materials to maintain a pristine expanse of green lawn is eliminated resulting in substantial savings. There is also no need for mowing, fertilizing, overseeding, replacing problem areas, or the time spent nurturing the lawn. Consequently, the labor involved with maintaining a lawn is eliminated.

Consider also the potential of using synthetic turf as a solution for problem areas where a normal lawn refuses to grow due to poor conditions, overuse, or pet problems.

Synthetic turf can also be used to add a putting green as a design element to your back yard.

Now you can enjoy the beauty of a great green lawn without all the costs and energy required to keep it looking that way!


Drought Tolerant Plants and Ground Covers

The benefits of these water saving systems are further enhanced by designing and planting softscapes using California natives and arid plants suited to each particular site and climate. Replacing large lawn areas continues to be a growing trend that can have a significant impact on water savings. Creative uses of non-living ground covers such as decorative rocks, boulders, gravel, decomposed granite, dry creek beds and garden pathways can further enhance low water usage and water conserving designs.

Done thoughtfully you can have a beautiful landscape and save water at the same time.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you realize your paradise.