Paradise Land Care is an award-winning landscape contractor specializing in maintenance and installation.

Our full-service commercial maintenance firm is dedicated to providing reliable service and sound horticultural practices as we move forward into this growing arena of conservation and organic procedures.

With our 30 years of experience, invested supervisors, quality equipment and expertise; we are the team to handle all your landscaping needs. Our mission is to make your needs our priority, communicate effectively and provide out of this world quality.

Paradise Land Care has been serving Southern Orange County and Northern San Diego County since 1990. We are a licensed and insured family owned company with liability limits to cover projects of all sizes and scope.


Paradise Land Care provides the highest level of workmanship, strict attention to detail and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Tree Care & Installation

Properly pruned and cared for trees are crucial to keeping one of your biggest investments healthy and thriving throughout the year. Not only does regular pruning keep your trees fresh, it also keeps your commercial space safe! By investing in tree trimming and pruning, you allow for proper wind-flow, which will keep your trees upright and rooted during our windy and rainy season. Strategically placed trees can also reduce your air conditioning costs throughout the year and save you up to 30% on your energy bill.

Turf & Plant Management

On every project we manage, we conduct our exclusive maintenance 7 Point assessment. This assessment audits every aspect of your current landscape so that we can develop a management plan specific to your needs. The 7 Points are Safety, Trees, Turf, Planters, Irrigation, Slopes, Ditches/Drains.

Our services include aerating, seeding, fertilizing, mowing and checking for any underlying irrigation issues that could cause liability and damage. Our staff members are trained to inspect plants and landscapes for signs of over or under watering, as well as soil sampling, to ensure your turf stays healthy and looking the way it should.

Seasonal Landscape Enhancments

Commercial landscape enhancements are one of the many ways you can add to the curb appeal, quality and value of your existing landscape. Whether you want to remove old, overgrown plants and replace with young thriving plants, add seasonal plants or new amenities; we can help. Our team is dedicated to finding the highest quality plants for your landscaping and we will formulate a budget and design that works for you. Together, we will enhance your landscape to give a quality first impression to any client or tenant that walks into your commercial space.

Irrigation & Water Management Solutions

As landscape professionals, P.L.C is committed to doing everything we can to manage and conserve our most precious life sustaining commodity, water. We have been proactively focused on water management systems since early 2007 and we use the most innovative technology to ensure our clients are lowering their costs and using water efficiently. Smart controllers, drip system irrigation, rotary nozzles and weather-based irrigation controller installations are important components in water management techniques, and we provide detailed solutions tailored to your needs. It is our mission to educate and assist our clients in the most efficient water systems available, which allows our clients to maintain the beauty and value of their property while promoting concern for water ecology and conservation.

Pest and Disease Control

Paradise Land Care takes an eco-conscious approach to disease and pest control with the needs of their clients in mind. We will prevent and manage weeds, insects, and rodents using environmentally sensitive methods to aid in the health of our plants and trees, while decreasing the risk to humans. With disease and pest control we aim to:

  • Reduce the use of toxic pesticides and provide organic alternatives as much as possible.
  • Prevent contamination of water, air and soil to avoid toxic exposure.
  • Create awareness and provide alternatives to harmful pesticides.
Renovation and Design

We offer a talented team of designers with decades of experience to assist you in landscape renovations. Our focus on conservation and sustainability is incorporated with every renovation project, along with the latest technology in water systems to ensure you are maximizing your investment. We provide renderings, budgets and detailed logistics throughout the renovation process while staying within the time constraints of our contract. Our knowledge and expertise of horticulture provides our customers with unique plant varieties for every climate, so you stand out from the rest.


We provide custom lighting designs and solutions for your property to add to the nighttime appeal of your commercial landscape. We specialize in using the most efficient LED lighting systems which are durable, last 10 times longer than regular bulbs and significantly reduce energy costs. We offer a wide variety of lighting options to suite the look and budget you are going for.


  • We pride ourselves in listening to your needs and developing quality relationships, built on trust and personalized care.
  • We are timely and assertive when it comes to our client’s needs.
  • We pay attention to the details and go out of our way to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Safety is one of our top priorities as landscape professionals.


  • Office complexes
  • Retail Centers
  • Industrial Parks
  • Schools
  • Religious Institutions
  • HOA’s
  • Apartment Communities
  • Senior Housing Communities
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Athletic Fields