In Your Garden

In Your Garden

seasonal-paradiseWhen you consider fall and winter, you might think that there’s not much to do in the garden but there is plenty to keep us busy.

Fall in particular can be quite busy as there tends to be a lot of leaf cleanup and pruning to do. If this season ends up being dry and warm, we will have more irrigation chores to tend to as well. This is also an ideal time to start taking a look at landscape drains, rain gutters and drainage culverts to get a head start on the rainy season even if the forecast calls for a dry one, it pays to be prepared.

Fall is an ideal time to renovate those tired lawns. If you have a struggling lawn or grasses that go dormant in the cool season, don’t despair, you can have a green lawn through the winter by seeding with a cool season perennial rye blend that tolerates shade and cool season sun. This is also an ideal time to consider installing a small rain harvest system to supplement h2o for irrigation purposes.

Fall through winter is also an ideal time to cut back several varieties of perennial flowers and plants in order to produce new lush growth for the next season.

In DECEMBER- Begin cutting back roses in situations where a pests have been a problem, otherwise we’ll wait until January. Spruce up yards for the holidays with our festive color choices!

Fall Container Gardens
“Color Your Home With Paradise” Use containers to add instant autumn to your porch or patio.

It’s a good way to bring fall colors to your home.

Think Golds, Oranges, Dark Cocoas bordering on Black or Wines. The inspiration can be the plants or the container. Let us help!