Landscape Design: Front Yard vs. Back Yard

Landscape Design: Front Yard vs. Back Yard

The land surrounding our homes are most often separated into the front yard and the back yard. When Paradise Designs approaches the design challenges your particular piece of land creates, we like to make a cohesive design that tackles both areas while taking into account the unique needs of each area. Oftentimes, the front yard will represent a chance to present your curb appeal while the backyard can be considered somewhat more functional.

When we look at your front yard needs, we assess the space to emphasize curb appeal and inform our design choices. How can we best highlight the property and the home? We will accentuate the walkways and front door approach, or suggest the addition of walkways to make sure the home is not only accessible but beautiful. By having solid hardscapes pieces to build around, we will use anchor design features like trees and shrubs to shape the space and add allure and permanence. Then, we can add the many smaller details that will make your home stunning whether you and your guest are coming or going.

The backyard allows for the joy of form and function. Many times, our backyards fulfill both a utilitarian and aesthetic function. Whether we include a pool, barbecue, firepit or a grass lawn, the backyard will need both a functional aspect that extends the functional areas of the house as well as adding beauty to your life. The detailed flower beds, pots, shrubs, trees and hardscape anchors will help present the inherent charm while highlighting the best aspects of your landscape.

In short, Paradise Designs will ensure your yards design is cohesive but will also take advantage of the different uses you have in mind for your property whether it includes in depth artistry or lots of grass for the kids to play soccer on.

Inspired or have questions about the different ways we could bring you your paradise? Please give us a call or email.