Have you considered how a redesign of your yard could affect your family’s best friend Fido?

There are many considerations when redesigning you yard but it can be beneficial to consider the extra aspect of your pet. It will provide benefits for the health of both your animal and your plants. In fact, there is a good chance your dog spends more time in your yard than you do!

Of course, many of us realize we should avoid poisonous plants like Saga Palms, Oleander or Azalea. But did you know that Cyclamen, Begonia and Japanese Yew can be a problem for your plant chewer? Here is a comprehensive list from the ASPCA for Dogs, Cats and Horses ( Symptoms can include stomach upsets but also can cause organ failure or even death and although some may consider a spiky and thorny plant to discourage your dog or cat, these plants can cause scratched corneas or rashes that might also include vet bills.

In addition to taking care to avoid dangerous plants, if you take some time to note your pets well-traveled spots you can avoid a lot of frustration. Instead of wondering why you have a track running through your luscious green lawn, you can install that walkway as a stone or graveled pathway. Same goes for mulch and edging. Rather than using a metal edging that could cut their paws, why not use recycled woods or another more aesthetic answer like river rock or brick.

It is also popular to consider resting areas in both the sun or the shade that they tend to enjoy and the inclusion of a dog run or even a pee post!

Taking some extra time to consider the affect all the members of your family will have on your design will ensure a long lasting and effective design for years to come.

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