Braeburn Lane

About This Project

A renovation shouldn’t be confined to the interior of a house. Landscape design is just as important to the modernization of a home.

Our long standing clients did a complete home remodel and it was our pleasure to create a new entry to reflect the modern aesthetic of their original patio home. Previously the front yard consisted of lawn and a mature pine tree that blocked the entry and the horizontal qualities of the house. The old entrance with side approach from the driveway was inefficient and didn’t give this home the clear entry it needed. We emphasized the entry with floating stairs from the street and sidewalk giving direct access and focus to the beautiful glass front door.

Considering the ever increasing need to conserve water and the client’s desire to express that consciousness, we designed a garden filled with drought tolerant native plants. We updated the concrete pads and planters in the back yard adjacent to the house to reinforce the connection to the outdoors. This extended the use of the living spaces horizontally along several access points through beautiful glass pivot and french doors. Keeping the design simple and leaving the existing spacious lawn as open space. The only other contribution to the remodel was a fountain adjacent to the master bathroom that creates a private transition to the outdoors. The center courtyard, which we built in the past, may be an update project for a later date although still relevant in its relationship to the home.


Hardscape, Landscape Design, Water Features, Water Smart