Rockford Place

About This Project

These homeowner’s had an unused portion of their sloped back yard that they wanted to develop in order to maximize their entertaining space, take advantage of ocean views, and facilitate beach path access. The design concept included creating an intermediate terraced patio area between the existing house and deck level, and the lower slope areas leading to the beach access.

The lowered patio includes a built in barbecue and curvilinear concrete bar area that can accommodate an umbrella to control sun angles and provide shade. This level also cleverly uses a slice of space for a built in oblong concrete fire pit and seating against the up-slope that allows the homeowners to take in ocean views and the setting sun while basking in the glow of the fire’s warmth. A new staircase leads down to the path which facilitate access to the beach trail.

We also expanded the hardscape area around their existing spa which increased the space for lounge chairs and enhanced an adjacent dining area by installing a motorized awning that can be extended or retracted to shade and enhance the dining area experience.

The front yard was updated with curvy low walls and plantings to give both front and back a cohesive design.

Hardscape, Landscape Design, Pools, Water Smart