Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

There are multiple use-case scenarios for retaining walls. You can imagine an almost infinite number of reasons to build a retaining wall but the main reasons are to extend the functional space of your yard by adding useful space to an otherwise unusable slope, to control and retain the soil above and/or to add architectural interest and a well thought out/functional design element to your yard.

To be sure, the building, design and engineering of any retaining wall should include the services of professionals. Many cities and municipalities require the involvement of an engineer for a wall of minimal size.  Beyond the wall fortifying what could be tons of earth, rocks and soil, the proper use of drainage and water seepage can greatly affect your project as well as the value and safety of your home.

Additionally, there are varying ways and costs associated with the construction of such wall(s) depending on your tastes and materials. You may be interested in a pleasing teared approach, using multiple walls, or a single eight foot wall of smooth concrete. Many times, timbers, stones, steel, masonry or poured concrete are used in these architectural highlights. Each adds a functional as well as style element, making a defining and lasting mark on your yard for years to come.

We have used walls to allow for enough room for pools, patios, outdoor living rooms, spas, gardens and lawns. They have been modern with paths or steps, architecturally stunning with contrasting steel and soil or designs which complement a home’s style elements such as brick, tile or stone.

Take a moment to reflect on your yard. Do you have a problem with the flow of dirt or mud in your yard, need to redirect drainage? Would you love a little extra room or would you like to add functional architectural design to your sloping yard?

Retaining walls may be just the answer you were searching for. They will add value and style to the investment in and enjoyment of your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our designers can discuss your dream paradise with you!