The Evolving Lawn

The Evolving Lawn

Summer is around the corner and the cool sunny breezes beckon us to open the windows and let the sun shine in; and longer days make it easy to want to spend more time outdoors. All this leads to looking at our outdoor environments with a more critical eye.



We would like to open your eyes to the idea of evolving the lawn. As warmer days bloom ahead so does the demand for water in our gardens. With water restrictions tightening we would like to suggest ditching the thirsty lawn, gaining some water savings and giving your yard a modern update that will make you smile.



Tired of watering, weeding and mowing your lawn, get rid of your turf altogether or minimize lawn areas. Give your flat ground more interesting topography by creating berms or planter areas dissected with paths topped with gravel, or pavers separated by gravel troughs so excess water can soak into the earth rather than runoff into the street or drains. Accent the large areas of decorative gravel with a palette of drought tolerant evergreens, succulents or grasses. Plants grow well in clusters allowing their natural forms and colors to shine. The result is less water use and smaller areas that require maintenance such as pruning and shaping. Make a plan before starting.

The Featured Image is this home a bit more mature than the after image in this article.

You too can save water by switching to water-wise plants in your yard. Call us, we can help!