Water in the California Yard

Water in the California Yard

Water is a cooling, relaxing and essential element in the California Garden.

While in the past several years the focus of water in our yards has been to conserve as much of it as possible due to the long standing drought, we are in a bit of a respite and can begin again to consider pools, spas, ponds, fountains and other water features as wonderful additions to other design elements in our yards.

Most water features recycle water and despite the fact that there will always be some water loss due to evaporation, the majority of water features recycle their water and have very little effect on water consumption.

Water in our environments have a visually cooling effect and can also be sources of relaxation and create a wonderful place around which to gather.

The sound of any type of flowing water; be it from a pond, fountain or waterfall effect can have a significant soothing effect on our psyches and souls. Even a misting system can go a long way to cooling your environment and therefore calm spirits.

Inspiration is all around for ideas to bring home. So consider adding just one feature to your yard, be it large or small, you will reap the rewards of a calming respite in your own Paradise.