Waterwise Controllers

Waterwise Controllers

As we move out of what is typically Southern California’s wettest months, and into Spring / Summer we shouldn’t forget about the importance of water conservation. Despite seemingly record rainfall this winter and being far better off than we were last year, a vast swath of Southern and Central California are still way below what would be considered adequate for any reasonable level of recovery from drought conditions, according to federal officials.

Officials have warned California’s water shortage is expected to continue for some time.

Therefore, continuing our efforts to lessen our “footprint” on the environment and resources is a worthwhile focus when considering projects in your yard and home.

Irrigation moves to the forefront as our rain dissipates and the seasonal sun heats up.

At Paradise Designs, we are proponents of drip irrigation, smart irrigation controllers, drought tolerate plants and trees native to our environment here in So. Cal.

That being said, let us share information on a terrific new irrigation controller that will save water, time and money: The Hunter Hydrawise. We have been using the Hunter products for years and have always been impressed with their ease of use and intuitive designs.

Photo credit: Hunter Industries, Inc.

This controller has a touchscreen interface as well as wifi connnectivity allowing adjustments based on the micro-climate in your neighborhood. The controller can also be edited on the website or by downloading their mobile apps. Not only can it support monitoring of flow meters, rain sensors, and master valves but can even adjust lighting programs.

All of this functionality also allows for monthly reporting or daily water adjustments even when you are away from your home. Quite an impressive array of specs!

It is especially helpful to have a professional help you with the set up and maintenance of this product and many like it.

We can help by doing a water audit and help adjust or rework existing irrigation systems to improve efficiencies. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you save water and money.