Build: Hardscape and Softscape

Build: Hardscape and Softscape

What are Hardscape and Softscape and how do they affect my yard?

Every landscaping project has two major features, hardscape and softscape.

Hardscape are typically the man made features in the landscape, or the immovable pieces such as concrete, pavers, driveways, paths, walls, pergolas, kitchens, decks, water features and pools. All features that will not change over the years.

Softscape are all the horticultural elements of a landscape like flowers, shrubs, trees, and grass that will be more fluid and will change as they mature.

A creative, pleasing design will take into account a balance between these two elements while considering the needs of the owners with time. It is also important to consider that elements like retaining wall will be necessary depending on the grading elements of the project, while the softscape softens and adds to the overall aesthetics of the project. At Paradise, our design process will incorporate ideas and inspiration from our clients then build around the hardscape elements that will be the keystones of our project.

The use of decorative or retaining walls, water features, walkways and requisite plant beds help to define the shape and scope of the project. After establishing the long term needs of the landscape project, we fill in with the beautiful trees, plants, ground cover and flowers that will accentuate the design and allow for either a consistent design, or supports the adjustment of details over time, allowing the client to enjoy an organic, growing design as part of the enjoyment of their home and yards over time.

At Paradise Designs, we will work with you to ensure the long term and short term goals of your project exceed your wildest dreams. Call us to find your paradise, right at home!