Water Savings, Care and Maintenance

Water Savings, Care and Maintenance

An important part of our design and maintenance philosophy includes the positive stewardship of all our resources. This positive approach includes ensuring good use of water in our landscapes. This doesn’t just apply to high tech irrigation systems it encompasses drainage systems, and extends to collection systems such as saving water in rain barrels.

The current bout of rainstorms is again a big reminder of the need to prepare your home by ensuring your drainage is properly designed and cleared of debris. Your once clear drains are often clogged with roots, leaves and small branches after years of rains and moving water away from your property . Often, older systems have breaks or roots which have invaded the system.  When a large storm declares itself, your home can be adversely affected. Sometimes this is only cosmetic, leaving large puddles, mud, and the debris mess behind.  But if the drainage system becomes extremely clogged, or you have areas that just don’t drain well, areas of  earth can become overly saturated causing a series of problems including movement or flooding. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention can save a pound of trouble.

Also, living in a relatively dry area, it can be beneficial to your pocketbook and your yard to harvest rain by simply setting up rain barrels at your downspouts. The minimization of runoff and water savings can be boon to the health of your yard, all while taking advantage of the mother nature’s bounty. A local organization is spear heading a movement to take special care of our most precious resource. Here is a great piece about rain harvesting (https://www.theecologycenter.org/resources/build-install-a-rain-barrel/) or be sure to ask one of our designers or maintenance technicians about how we can set your yard up with one of these ecologically conscious rain barrels.

Lastly, we have used multiple high tech approaches to water savings and irrigation. Whether taking advantage of satellite imaging, rain level measurement, humidity measurement or low use irrigation spigots, Paradise Designers have a vast assortment of solutions to step up your irrigation savings. Here is a piece we wrote recently on this topic: http://www.paradisedesigns-inc.com/waterwise-controllers/

Having spent decades designing and maintaining landscaping for homes and businesses in Orange County and the surrounding areas, we have worked hard to deliver a beautiful and sustainable approach. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with how we can help you on your next project.